Fiction 440: the performance

Tonight was such an exciting night. This was the first time that I’ve actually read a piece of work I’ve written to an audience of more than my closest friends, who I more or less often pester into listening to me read to them. While this was not my first time talking about my work in front of a bunch of strangers (I did a TEDx talk last spring, in front of more than 2,000 talking about my novels, and my personal analysis of them as a collective), it was the first time I was reading something that came from the creative hole inside of me. And it was an amazing experience. Everyone was so kind, and so welcoming. They clapped for me because it was my first night reading, they laughed at my jokes, and people came up to congratulate me on my work. The community of writers, whose ages spanned the entire spectrum of the human existence, was so warm and wonderful. They were welcoming, and really made me feel comfortable sharing my work. I encourage everyone who writes to share their work at an open mic like this! And if you’re not a writer, I would still encourage you to find a community that embodies your passion, and participate in it relentlessly.

With that, let me apologize for the video quality. But yay for catching it on camera!




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