Travel Patterns

As I write this, I am sitting on a beautiful porch in the city of Albacete, Spain. This is the place I will live for the next month, which still sort of feels like a heat induced dream from the warmest temperatures I think I’ve ever encountered. It is very hot in southern Spain in … More Travel Patterns

Diamond Hill, Ireland

In 2003, two social psychologists by the name of Emmons and McCullough did an experiment that involved counting blessings vs. burdens. Their results found that participants who practiced exercising gratitude (over the course of the ten week study) reported better emotional and physical health than their control experiment counterparts. For many people, gratitude is thought to … More Diamond Hill, Ireland

Wildfire Father

I have my father’s nose, and my mother’s disposition. I have her hands, and his eyes. His strength and resilience. Her bleeding heart. Her taste in music. If my father were the sun, then she was Mother Earth, and they orbited each other in the only way two broken souls know how to.   In … More Wildfire Father

35 feet in the air

“I’ve come very close to death, many times. And you know me, I’m really open with talking about my issues. Today though, being up there, even though I  was strapped in, and I had all this equipment on… even though I was safer than I have been in a lot of situations, I was so much more … More 35 feet in the air

Let Them Eat Trout

Jan 25 Keywords: Trout, Shiv, Ankle bracelet It was somewhere between the beginning of summer, and the end. Between the north side of the river that ran through their tiny tourist town, and the mouth of the lake that it fed itself into. Somewhere between the ages of 9 and 13, before ankle-bracelets were traded … More Let Them Eat Trout